Revolutionizing Sales Order Predictions with Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Collaborative Success Story


Advanced data & analytics, digital transformation, and sales prediction modeling. Are there ways to enhance the capabilities of the sales teams using modern tech? The answer is yes. Herewith, we present you with a compelling case that highlights the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the businesses of today. The case of Trouw Nutrition Brazil and Adaptfy joining forces to create a tool that has had a substantial positive impact on their business, sales, and customer satisfaction.

At Adaptfy, we are passionate about leveraging AI technology to drive business growth. Our collaboration with Trouw Nutrition Brazil and Nutreco has been an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the vast potential of AI and to develop an advanced prediction model that not only boosts sales locally but can be seamlessly scaled to other regions and industries.


Our partnership led to the development of the sales order prediction model. Trouw Nutrition made a bold step even further. They decided to create a physical representation to encapsulate the AI brain. Thus, a little robot called Ian was born. 


It is important to point out that sales prediction modelling can manifest in different forms. Imagine digital tools like charts, chat assistants, or mobile solutions. Any form that suits you and your team can be used. What is important is the digital AI mind, powering the advanced analytics to create reliable predictions. 


Trouw Nutrition decided to create the robot and welcomed him as a new, smart, and charming member of the team. Why the name Ian? Ian stands for ‘Inteligência Artificial Nutreco’, i.e., ‘Nutreco Artificial Intelligence’ in Portuguese.

Ian serves as a dedicated helper, empowering the sales team to refine their business practices and enhance customer service, thereby rendering Nutreco’s sales processes more efficient than ever before.


With Ian, Trouw Nutrition gains the ability to analyze historical sales data, getting invaluable insights into customer preferences, their likely future purchases, and the specific products and volumes of interest. By working alongside Ian to increase customer interactions, convert more sales, anticipate orders, and reduce churn, Trouw Nutrition can take its business to new levels. 


However, this journey is not just about increasing sales figures. By accurately predicting customer needs and responding proactively, the Trouw Nutrition team nurtures strong customer relationships, fostering satisfaction and loyalty. Ian helps to make every conversation count and every interaction meaningful. The team uses the advanced technology to achieve a win-win situation: getting better results and making customers happy.


Nutreco’s One Data Team played a crucial role in Ian’s development.

One Data Team has worked closely with Trouw Nutrition Brazil and Adaptfy to ensure that Ian's capabilities can be extended to other operational companies (OpCos) and regions grappling with similar challenges, thereby fuelling Nutreco's business growth and innovation.

Ian was launched in Brazil at the National Sales Convention

Trouw Nutrition is excited to see the transformative potential of AI modelling in helping them achieve their business objectives. The initial results are promising, with colleagues genuinely impressed by the results. Sales performance and customer satisfaction are improving, helped by the sales order prediction tool, hidden in a little robot.

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