Wouter Schipper new Adaptfy CEO


We are pleased to announce that Wouter Schipper has been appointed CEO of Adaptfy effective July 10, 2023. The appointment signifies a new phase in Adaptfy’s commitment to excellence in advanced data analytics and digital technology for our partner, SHV. Wouter’s expertise and leadership will enable Adaptfy to create an even more positive impact throughout the whole value chain by means of the advanced D&A.

“I’m extremely excited to be joining a group of very talented individuals who operate on the cutting edge of data science and analytics. Together we can continue to build and enhance digital prowess of lasting impact on the efficiency, profitability and decision-making processes of the companies we serve”

We are excited to embark on this new journey together. This step holds the promise of the continued success of the value proposition as the professional D&A and digital partner of the SHV family of companies.

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